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CTC Cloud provides various cloud hosting solutions that can highly impact the way your business runs and bring value to your bottom line. Take a look at our services and let us show you how to take full advantage of Cloud Technology.

  • We will demonstrate the VALUE of the cloud as it pertains to your business.
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How It Works

Remote Desktop hosting gives you the ability to work without the need for a traditional PC, local network servers, or a LAN administrator (IT employee for local support).

Your hosted desktop solution will seem no different to your end users, but your software applications and data will exist and operate on our servers offsite. This solution results in a streamlined IT operation with significantly reduced costs for equipment and employees. Your users will login to the system via the internet from wherever an internet connection is available (home, office, hotel while traveling, etc.). All their data, applications, email, etc. will be at their disposal as if they were working from the office. It’s that easy!

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