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Virtual Desktop Hosting creates a virtual office where your employees can access common databases, share files and printers in the office from any location as long as they have internet access.  Fast, accurate, and easy implementation to add or remove remote employees or offices to allow them to share and utilize the company resources that are already in place.

Services We Offer

Discover the transformative potential of CTC Cloud’s diverse range of cloud hosting solutions, designed to revolutionize your business operations and enhance your financial success. Explore our comprehensive service offerings and allow us to demonstrate the optimal utilization of Cloud Technology to elevate your business endeavors.

Virtual Desktop

CTC virtual desktop remove IT systems management obstacles, facilitating process automation and empowering clients for business growth. Previously exclusive to large enterprises with significant budgets, technological advancements and affordable high bandwidth now enable smaller businesses to attain similar results at a cost-effective monthly rate per user.

IT Services

Experience the ultimate in technology optimization with CTC IT Services. Our experts are dedicated to fine-tuning your IT infrastructure for peak performance, empowering your business to soar. From seamless cloud integration to vigilant cybersecurity, we have the solutions that ensure your operations stay resilient, efficient, and ahead of the curve. Focus on your core goals while we handle the tech – let’s elevate your business together.

Telecom Services

Hosted VoIP phone systems have transformed desk phones into mini computers, revolutionizing communication. The era of on-site phone systems and in-person tech support for configurations is gone. CTC specializes in migrating you to a hassle-free VoIP system with inclusive maintenance. No more managing equipment.

Have some questions?

What is CTC Virtual Desktop (VD)?

CTC VD offers a comprehensive solution that eliminates the complexities of managing IT systems. This service allows businesses to access their email, data, and applications securely through a familiar Microsoft Windows environment hosted in the cloud.

How do CTC Virtual Desktop benefit businesses?

CTC Virtual Desktop free businesses from the hassles of IT management, enabling them to focus on growth. These services automate processes, provide secure access to data and applications from anywhere, and offer flexible remote working options. This ultimately boosts efficiency and productivity.

Who can benefit from CTC Virtual Desktop?

Any business, whether small or large, looking to streamline IT operations, enhance remote work capabilities, and ensure business continuity can benefit from CTC Virtual Desktop. Small businesses can now access enterprise-level infrastructure at an affordable per-user monthly cost.

What is the Hosted Virtual Desktop?

The Virtual Desktop platform is CTC’s cloud computing product, enabling customers to access their email, applications, and data safely and securely within a Microsoft Windows environment. This setup offers a short learning curve due to the familiar Windows interface.