Online Backup Services

cloud_backupNo need to worry about managing your own backups, allow us to backup your company’s critical data speedily and securely over the internet. Our online backup services are cost efficient, secure and flexible.

Why backup?

Loss of data happens all the time and it can bring production down to a crawl. With CTC Cloud’s online backup solutions you can easily backup or restore data with the click of a button.

Set it and forget it!

CTC’s online backup solution lets you schedule you online backups however you want, hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. It is all up to you. Our solution not only lets you backup work files, it can backup entire user profiles. CTC offers your business the ability to create multiple accounts for you employees so they can customize their online backups to best fit their needs.


  • Service starts at $29.95 for 40 gigabytes.
  • Each additional gigabyte up to 100 GB is only an additional $1 per gigabyte.
  • Contact us for additional information about storage over 100 GB.

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