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Are you a Reseller of different products, or a consultant of IT services, if you are looking to add another high level, easy to sell and implement service that is taking over the IT world by storm CTC offers Virtual Hosted Desktops, which includes not only the hosted desktop but dedicated servers such as Database or Β File Share servers. This is another Product in your toolbox to round out your portfolio of services.πŸš€

πŸ”₯ Maximize Flexibility: CTC Cloud empowers you to take charge of your business destiny. With the freedom to brand, market, price, sell, and support CTC Cloud Services your way, you’re in control. Your business, your rules!

⏱️ Lightning-Fast Deployment: Say goodbye to lengthy setup hassles. CTC Cloud’s seamless and elegant deployment process ensures you’re up and running in a matter of hours after signing the paperwork. You call the shots – whether you manage the customer 100%, collaborate with CTC when needed, or let us handle the customer entirely.

πŸ› οΈ Conquer Challenges Together: Tired of grappling with server and desktop management headaches? CTC Cloud Services has your back. We’ve crafted solutions to crush these obstacles and make your life easier. Our arsenal of tools ensures a smoother journey for you and your clients.

πŸ’° Profit-Boosting Volume Discounts: Your success is our success. CTC Cloud’s Volume Pricing Program is here to enhance your profitability. Each client’s needs are unique, and we’re here to tailor discounts based on factors like user count and servers. It’s a “win” for your clients, a “win” for you as a Reseller, and an unbeatable “win” for CTC.

🌐 Customized Client Management: At CTC Cloud, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Customize your client management approach according to your preferences. Every customer is unique, and you have the power to mold your relationship with them.

Seize this game-changing opportunity to redefine your revenue stream and elevate your business. Join CTC Cloud’s Reseller Program today and create your path to success!

πŸ“ž Contact us now to embark on your journey with CTC Cloud. Your success story begins here. πŸ’ΌπŸš€