Hosted Services

CTC hosted services take away the headaches associated with managing IT systems and can help automate processes, so our customers can focus on growing their businesses. Large enterprises have long been able to build this type of infrastructure and support it with their large budgets,  but with the advancements in technology and the affordability of higher bandwidth (faster Internet connections), the smaller companies can get exactly the same results for an affordable per user per month price..

The hosted desktop is our platform for our cloud computing product, customers can access their email, data and applications safely and securely in the Microsoft Windows environment they are familiar with. Because of the familiar Windows environment there is a very short learning curve.

We also provide cloud computing consultancy services because hosted desktops may not be the right solution for every business.  We provide both hosted and premise based network systems and are very familiar with the pros and cons of each, thus allowing us to provide you with the best design for your business.

With an increasing dependency on electronic data, software and/or email, businesses need contingency plans for disaster recovery and business continuity. Many businesses see the need to have flexible remote working hours and support home workers.  With CTC’s cloud computing offering, training is minimized, support is quick and data is secure. Employee expansion or reduction is quick and simple.  Office networks are minimized therefore eliminating 90-95% of your local area network costs.

CTC customers can access their data and applications securely from anywhere as long as they have internet access.  Any PC or terminal has the ability to connect to the server with the existing operating system software that resides on every unit and Apple Macs can connect with the installation of the client software that is freely available.  If your office blows away, just go to another computer with internet access and all your data will be just as you left it.  A shared file system allows all network users to access data real time in the same location and share files as if they were all sitting in the same office.  If you have multiple locations the CTC Cloud creates a virtual office for everyone.

No more worries of the office being broken into, servers and laptops stolen with confidential company information and total loss of continuity.  We take the burden of the network and the critical business data off your hands so that you can concentrate on running and building your business.

  • Remote Access
  • Firewall and VPN maintenance
  • Virtual Office setup

Complete network solutions customized to your business at affordable prices.

If business continuity is a concern and/or some of your employees would like to work remotely then contact us now for a free consultation.

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